All You Need To Know About Banana Kush Seeds

Banana Kush is a cannabis strain that enjoys significant popularity in the USA. This legendary west coast strain is a cross between Ghost OG and skunk haze, to create an Indica dominant hybrid that tastes and smells like ripe bananas. The Banana Kush seeds have an intense aroma and taste and are sure to remind you of Canarian bananas. With a THC content of 25% this strain is quite potent and powerful. In terms of effect, Banana Kush provides a mellow buzz alongside a relaxed sense of euphoria to its users and is usually recommended to patients dealing with stress or depression. Alternatively, banana Kush also helps stimulates a person’s creativity and instantly rejoices a person’s mood.

How To Grow Banana Kush Seeds?

Banana Kush is an easy to grow plant and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It generally has a good yield and mostly develops strong and profitable crops. It has a short flowering period of 8-9weeks and produces 450-550g buds per meter square.

The plants of Banana Kush usually have medium height with large leaves. The buds, on the other hand, are majorly dense, bright green and covered with tons of sparkling crystals along with red/yellow hairs. Banana Kush requires good lighting, controlled feeding and trimming to achieve the best results.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Banana Kush Seeds?

Banana Kush is a highly recommended stress reliever and is a favorite amongst people who deal with extreme stress on a regular basis. Since this strain helps deal with stress it also reduces anxiety attacks and other mental health issues such as depression. Banana Kush seeds are potent pain relievers as well and are usually recommended to patients dealing with extreme physical pain. To top it all, banana Kush seeds help deal with insomnia in certain cases.

What Are The Effects Associated With Consuming Banana Kush Seeds?

Banana Kush provides its users with a euphoric feeling and instantly makes them happy. Alternatively, people who have esteem issues also benefit from consuming Banana Kush as this strain instantly uplifts a person’s mood and gives them the much-needed confidence. A major benefit of consuming cannabis seeds is the relaxation they provide, cannabis seeds relax a person’s mind and help them fall asleep. In the case of Banana Kush seeds as well, a person feels a tingling relaxation swiping through him and he soon falls asleep. But, a major benefit of consuming Banana Kush seeds is the increased creativity, they help elevate creativity along with boosting a person’s mood instantly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Banana Kush Seeds?

Banana Kush often leads to people suffering from dry eyes and parched mouth which is a common adverse reaction to almost all the cannabis, this can be reduced to an extent by taking refreshments other than alcohol. In certain special cases, consumers also report symptoms of dizziness, paranoia, and headache.