What To Do In Life When Motivation Fades

Continuous failure may lead to disappointment. And circumstances at times propel your hopes and courage into a black hole where you seem to be getting nothing right for you.
Some of us get lucky who get the right kind of encouragement during those tough times while there are a few others who really struggle not only with the circumstances and failures but also their fading motivation.
Situations like relationships, careers, family responsibilities often have very significant impact in our life. One always wants to excel in these situations whatever may be the compromises or sacrifices they have to do to attain peace and satisfaction in them.
However- winning and losing are just consequences of our efforts which are not in our hands. To understand this theory and to keep your hopes and motivation high we want to tell you some mantras of life:

  1. Never blame yourself:

Wanting something really bad and not getting it in the desired way doesn’t make you responsible for the failure. However much perpetual it may become- you need to know that there are causes and effects of everything. The things are meant to happen in a certain way because of some greater cause too- and sometimes you are chosen to be the medium for the occurring of events by destiny. Do not blame yourself- instead find the way to not repeat the same steps. Learn from your failures and proceed. Put some motivational quotes on your wall and be optimistic.

  1. You are not the “Quitter”:

No life is without difficulties. If you do not believe it just take a look around carefully. Even the happiest of the people have grave difficult situations that they do not reflect on the people around them. It is their will to not quit in the circumstances that makes them happier above all situations in life. Learn to make constant efforts- just like an ant who makes every possible effort to carry that grain that appears bigger than its own size too. Even if it meets some difficulties- it doesn’t stop trying. Find motivation from everyday events- life is full of examples of success and struggle.
Quitting is just the easier option not the way ahead. So learn to “try” and keep doing it unless you succeed. If you have started on something great- you will accomplish it. May be you are chosen to set greater examples of struggle and victories. Have you heard of those motivational quotes that say “try try try… until you succeed”.

  1. Spend some quality time with yourself:

Analyse your situations and find the strengths that you behold. You need to do some talking with yourself before you go ahead in a given situation. There is no one in this world who can understand you better than “you”. Not everybody gets a mentor when they need. People become their own mentors with their gut and experience. Be that spiritual light and generate some positive vibes in your mind. Meditation may be helpful in difficult times. Read some motivational quotes. Do anything that it takes to keep you going.