What will you do with your life in the future?

It was said that character determines destiny, so what is your future?

  • Go to art exhibition at least once last year, bookcase in the home has a book that is concerned with art at least.

Yes → (2)

No → (3)

  • Your grades in geography and literature class are better than those in math and science.

Yes → (4)

No → (5)

  • You can name five elementary school students and remember what they look like.

Yes → (5)

No → (6)

  • Friends include people who study art or related fields.

Yes → (7)

No → (8)

  • You’ve been in a band, or participated in any activity related to art, music.

Yes → (8)

No → (9)

  • You think you have good memory and presentation skills.

Yes → (9)

No → (10)

  • You currently have long hair, or want to grow it.

Yes → (11)

No → (12)

  • You have a reticent nature and are not easy to confide in others.

Yes → (12)

No → (13)

  • You can’t help but touch the lovely fuzzy toy.

Yes → (13)

No → (14)

  • You are more interested in reading than shopping.

Yes → (14)

No → (15)

  • You’ve made greeting cards for others.

Yes → (16)

No → (17)

  • You have sent flowers to others, or received flowers from others.

Yes → (17)

No → (18)

  • Because your appetite is extremely good and you eat a lot. Therefore, there is the problem of you being overweight.

Yes → (18)

No → (19)

  • You like speed and passion

Yes → (19)

No → (20)

  • You prefer sunflowers to irises.

Yes → (20)

No → (21)

  • You’ve been punished for making mistakes.

Yes → (22)

No → (23)

  • You have a pretty good idea of numbers.

Yes → (23)

No → (24)

  • You prefer blue than red.

Yes → (24)

No → (25)

  • You drink a lot of water every day.

Yes → (25)

No → (26)

  • You prefer German expressionist paintings to Raphael’s.

Yes → (26)

No → (27)

  • You prefer self-portrait A to self-portrait B.

Yes → (27)

No → (28)

  • Someone once said you were elusive.

Yes → B

No → A

  • Your room is very clean.

Yes → B

No → C

  • You don’t like taking pictures.

Yes → C

No → D

  • You feel insecure in a spacious space.

Yes → D

No → E

  • You have an open mind.

Yes → F

No → E

  • You don’t believe in fortune-telling and reincarnation.

Yes → F

No → G

  • You have at least one plan to travel abroad this year.

Yes → G

No → H

Test results:

Type A:

You are a genius who thinks highly of yourself. You are eloquent, clear-headed, sharp-tempered and perceptive. You’re rational and aware, and you maintain good relationships with others. Although you can be enthusiastic sometimes, most of the time you will choose to live alone, and it is difficult for outsiders to enter your inner world. You are good at hiding your emotions, and you don’t trust others easily, preferring to be alone rather than take risks. You are very idealistic and not very particular about money. The allure of fame is bigger for you than money. Interpersonal relationship fluctuates greatly, there is a sense of distance from the outside world all the time. Women are willing to give everything for love but not easy to get happiness. On the other hand, men spend their lives in thrall to love, often feeling unhappy.

Life route: You need to learn the elasticity of life and see the world through the eyes of others. Putting all your eggs in one basket won’t get you anywhere. If you don’t want to miss out, be pragmatic. As you get older, you become more and more lonely. You need to be grounded.

Type B:

You have a unique outlook on life and don’t like to follow the crowd. But it can also make you feel at a loss and uneasy. You’ve been at a loss all your life. You always miss opportunities because of your indecision. You look optimistic and cheerful, but you are like a child inside, always afraid of being marginalized. The hardest thing for you is being forced to accept a different perspective. Compromise is painful for you. Learning to be rational and unemotional has always been your goal. But you always say more and do less.

Life route: A personality that is neither lonely nor willing to compromise is a source of pain in your life. Although you’re smart and responsive, it’s hard to you to fit in the group. You have to learn to take responsibility for yourself and others. Speak less and do more to earn others’ trust. Also, you need to learn to manage your own production, save the expenditure.

Type C:

You are very moody and full of strange ideas. You seem to get along well with others, but actually you don’t. It’s hard for others to know you, even you don’t know yourself. You like to take adventures and are interested in the unknown. It’s hard for you to try to live a normal life. You hate dogmatic norms.

Life route: To learn to keep the promise, It’s the first step to you to live a normal life. You must learn to listen to other people’s opinions. You also need to learn to be focused and persistent. This will help you improve your existing relationships. There is no harm in being humble.

Type D:

You are a persistent, optimistic person, with a passionate and somewhat childlike view of life. You’re very emotional and impressionable, and that’s why you’re often at the mercy of the world. You are emotionally overworked and vulnerable. Your idea is very simple, which is both your strength and your weakness. Everything is two-sided, and your kindness is easy to be a reason for them to take advantage of you. You’re very impressionable, indecisive, and difficult to make decisions.

Life route: You should be more rational and not take things personally. Learn to plan for yourself instead of wasting time and energy on others. It’s important to stay enthusiastic, but you also need to learn to be kind to yourself. You don’t have power over anyone. You have to learn to distance yourself.

Type E:

You’re a self-repressed person and you tend to be pessimistic about things. Although you are afraid of setbacks and pains, you can still calmly cope with the changes, which is the most extraordinary thing for you. Your growth process is not as smooth as expected by the outside world or yourself, especially the emotional route. Because the various aspects are not smooth, causes you to grow up earlier than the average person. You are very strict with yourself and never relax. You will be addicted to the things you like, and don’t even touch the things you don’t like. You follow this principle in choosing your friends, too.

Life route: You are a strong – willed, capable precocious, but unhappy person. You always give others a precocious feeling. How to be more open-minded is a lesson you need to learn. Your character is full of conflict and pain, often shown through interactions with others. Moderate your intake of alcoholic caffeine. They can’t really help you.

Type F:

You are very motherly and prone to get caught up in the fever of things. You are good-natured, not calculating, very talented and temperamental, with natural leadership temperament. You have an optimism that you can use your power to change others and change the world. You love group life and are passionate about your friends, but you have a weak sense of worry and are easily fooled.

Life route: You have a strong desire for natural things. Once you get into something, you often do it at all costs. It usually hurts, but you don’t care. To be truly successful, you need to be thoughtful and realistic. Using your human resources will be key to your success.

Type G:

You are the kind of person who likes to keep your feet on the ground. This is your greatest strength. You are not good at words and self-packaging, but you are used to dealing with humiliation and digesting stress on your own. No matter what the circumstances, you know how to be yourself. You like to be thoughtful, so you don’t put yourself at risk. But that’s the reason you’re not adventurous enough to achieve much.

Life route: Being inflexible is your greatest weakness. It’s hard to make progress by working hard without learning from your experiences. It’s hard to be successful when you’re young. What you lack is creativity and courage.

Type H:

This type of person is good at meditating, often thinking a lot but doing very little. you lack is creativity and courage.This type of person is good at meditating, often thinking a lot but doing very little. you lack is creativity and courage. Such people may be knowledgeable but have poor practical skills. You are demanding perfection, but you are not resourceful. The truth often gets you confused.

Life route: Don’t try to hide your insecurities with a smug attitude. It won’t solve the problem, and will make it worse. You don’t want to trust others, and you don’t want to finish the task yourself. It’s very important to make a long-term plan for yourself. No pain, no gain.