Here are our 11 natural asthma remedies. Therapeutic herbal treatments are very varied.

You will find in this article some natural recipes that will help you deal with asthma in a healthy and natural way.
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As a reminder, asthma consists of a dysfunction of the respiratory system that affects the bronchi. These are sometimes the cause of relatively uncomfortable allergies.

Asthma occurs most often in children and young people

The causes of asthma can be varied, we list among others:

  • Indoor allergens (Acarien present in sheets, carpets and others)
  • External allergens ( flower pollens , mold, dust)
  • Cigarette or similar product
  • Products with irritating chemical composition

Here are some natural remedies for asthma:

Garlic, the unsuspected remedy for asthma

– Boil 30 ml of milk with 10 pieces of garlic. This solution will allow you to unblock the airways and allow you to catch your breath more easily. To consume once a day 
– Mix 3 cloves of garlic with 33 CL of milk. 
– Cut the garlic into small pieces, marinate in the milk all night in the refrigerator.

Ginger, a cure for asthma, but not only

Ginger is known for its many properties especially as a soothing. What you do not know is that ginger also has expectorant properties. To put it simply, it makes it easier to expel mucus. To do this, you must take 1 cc of ginger juice.

Mix a spoon of Fenugreek in a quart of water and a dose of honey. The mixture is to be taken twice a day.

Coffee is not just an exciting

You may not know it, but coffee, in addition to providing you with extra energy, helps reduce your asthma attacks almost instantly.

Honey, a cute sin against asthma

It is known, honey is an effective remedy against many diseases, now you know that asthma is one of them. Indeed, breathing the smell of honey helps to unblock the airways and therefore, feel better.

Salt, this unknown ally against asthma

– Mix 0.5cc of organic salt 
– A glass of water at room temperature 
– A touch of baking soda 
– Once the mixture sucked through the nose, it helps relieve bronchi and purify the nasal passages.

Honey, radishes and lemon to cure asthma

Mix radishes with honey and lemons and pour in boiling water over low heat. To consume once a day upon waking. You will not be disappointed with the result.

Water vapor as a cure for asthma

To unclog the nasal cavities, nothing more simple, run hot water for a while in a closed room. Breathe deeply until you feel a change.

Green tea, the good old grandmother’s recipe.

Green tea is known for its virtues on respiratory problems, to consume without moderation.

Nettle, do you know?

The recipe is simple, make a tea with nettle leaves. It is advisable to pay attention to how you consume it, it is not used properly, can cause a drop in voltage.

Lemon against asthma

Lemon is a treatment of choice against respiratory obstructions. 
Cut the lemon into pieces, and pull in the juice. This will unblock your nasal cavities and allow you to breathe better.

Do you know apple cider vinegar?

The recipe is to take apple cider vinegar every night. If you wish, you can dilute it with water and consume two tablespoons in the evening.