2 simple tips to combat and prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease. However, it has treatment and what is even more important: it can be prevented with healthy habits.

According to the World Health Organization, there are some 350 million people with diabetes worldwide. An alarming number that only increases; the predictions that were predicted for the year 2030, which were considered alarmist, have already been fulfilled.

What is the diabetes?

Diabetes appears when the levels of glucose (sugar) in blood, which we obtain through food, are very high . It may be due to the fact that our pancreas does not produce enough insulin – the hormone that helps glucose enter cells to supply them with energy – or does not use it properly.

The consequence: glucose stays in the blood, causing serious health problems: it damages the eyes, kidneys and nerves, can cause heart disease, stroke and even the need for a limb to be amputated.

Therefore, there are types of diabetes: type 1, characterized by a deficient production of insulin and that is treated with the daily administration of said hormone, and type 2, when the body uses insulin inefficiently. The latter represents 90% of the cases and is due, mainly, to excess weight and physical inactivity.

“The increase in diabetes has been found in type 2 diabetes, in adults or the elderly, in parallel with the increase in the prevalence of obesity, sedentary lifestyle and inadequate dietary habits. This cat is especially worrisome in geographical areas or populations that have westernized their lifestyles in the last decades “, explains Albert Goday, president of the Catalan Association of Diabetis, of the Académica de Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya.

In Spain , type 2 diabetes affects 13% of adults : 7% of known diabetes, and 6% of diabetes ignored. And while until recently it was only observed in adults, now it is beginning to manifest itself also in children. You can treat it with the trulicity. Trulicity price is small on Prescription Hope.

Similarly, type 1 , “which appears in childhood or youth, sudden onset and requires insulin already in diagnosis, has also increased in Europe ; the increase has been observed especially in children under 5 years of age, “says Goday.

How to prevent and fight diabetes

Healthy habits are key to the prevention of this disease, because although there is a wide variety of drugs to combat it, they are only lifestyle complements, which is key. This is simpler than it seems and can be summarized in two simple ideas:

Balance diet:

Diabetics should follow the same eating patterns as the rest of the population: the Mediterranean diet. As we already know, this consists above all in the consumption of olive oil, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals and yogurt.

Physical exercise:

With muscle contraction caused by exercise, blood glucose consumption is favored and blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular function are improved.

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