Prevent Opioid addiction – Few holistic approaches to ease off pain

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC recently issued a warning earlier in 2017 against the extreme overuse of pain killers which were prescribed by doctors and since then, the magnitude and seriousness of opioid epidemic has gained attention by the public. It is sad enough to note that the situation is worsening too fast with no such worthy solution in the forefront.

As per CDC, more than 250 million prescriptions were written where the patients were prescribed opioids in 2014 and this was rather enough for each and every American adult to get a bottle of pain killers. This kind of staggering increase in overdose of opioids has contributed to the epidemic.

How to adopt the painless attitude?

Apart from the normal opioids, there are few other effective painkillers which don’t involve drugs and they’re the drugs which improve self-respect. It is true that people can solve all sorts of grave emotional concerns by their choice, thereby ending the physical agony which they experience in their body parts and backs.

As the opioid crisis tends to rule and ruin the lives of the Americans, there are plenty of drug-free options for handling pain which are also gaining momentum. Opioids are usually prescribed to patients post surgery or to people who are suffering from some chronic pain. Doctors claim that opioids gradually lose their effectiveness with time and later on the 1 pill that a patient takes now becomes 3. The ultimate fact is that painkillers eliminate emotional pain and this is the main reason why people become addicted.

How to take action

There are some people who find yoga to be a perfect reducer of pain. There are others who are amazed to realize that their hobbies, desires, assisting other people in some kind of way or prayer and medication can also work in reducing pain in the emotional and physical level. The key is to focus on the meaningful causes and not on the complications.

If we try to address this opioid epidemic by restraining access to pain medicines that are prescribed by the doctors, we would definitely fail to address the root causes of this spread of opioid addiction. There has to be a center like which offers long term solutions in fighting the challenge in a more effective manner. Till date, the US health system hasn’t been able to handle these complicated matters and this has led to the unprecedented rise in the cost of care.