The biological theory behind white bean and weight loss:

The white beans block the starch receptors and by this, it lowers the glycemic index of some kind of carbohydrate food. The glycemic index is a value that is assigned to foods based on their action like how fast or slow that particular food causing an increase in the levels of blood glucose or popularly known as blood sugar. The white bean extract supplement diet can also help in controlling blood sugar level. It is a well-known kidney beans benefits that a certain high level of blood sugar in the body can lead to kidney failure or increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
For the foods which contain high levels of glycemic index fails to control the hunger. According to studies, it has been shown that white beans come in the right play for the same, the extract has the ability to lower the glycemic index. Although it is just not limited to weight loss it can help to reduce the chances of developing kidney stones. It can help to control obesity, diabetes and cholesterol to a great extent.

Some kidney beans benefits are listed below:
According to studies conducted by different universities dell’Università Cattolica di Roma by professor Leonardo Celleno and his colleagues if one keeps dietary supplement containing white beans extract in the diet plan caused a significant weight loss in a group of 60 people who participated in the research work. The participants were divided into two groups one which was given white bean supplement and placebo group. They were either given the extract supplement or placebo prior to serving a meal high in carbs. The results were noted after 30 days of regular intake proved that the participants who were given the extract supplements lost more body, waist/ hip/ thigh circumference and body index. The placebo group failed in comparison to the white bean extract supplement.
It is very easy to find the product online on many sites with some positive white kidney bean reviews but it is a must check for the approval from FDA. It is FDA that examines and tests the products before it is available in the market. The customer can try to reach the reviewer first and ask about the credibility of the product. Don’t take any supplement without seeking advice from your physician. There are different dosage recommendation for this kind of supplements.