What Happens In Rehab?

If you are addicted to drugs and want to get out of it, you surely take help from a rehabilitation center. Many of you are unwilling to go to a rehab because people thing going to a rehab is equivalent to madness. Also, people are quite ashamed of entering the gates of a rehab center. Well, there is nothing to be shameful or frightened of. The recovery journey of a drug addict in a rehab although is time consuming but not difficult. Let’s take a look at what happens in the lighthouse rehab California.

  • Physical assessment

Once you start treatment in a drug rehab, a physician will always be by your side to note down your frequency of addiction as well as to formulate a plan for detoxing. This plan is prepared upon those drugs that were in use so long. Therefore, it is recommended that you be very honest and do not hide things.

  • Mental stability

Doctors, preferably a psychiatrist, will assess based on anxiety, depression, or other mental or emotional matters. The primary evaluation is not considered as the final assessment. Here only your reports are taken.

  • Detoxification

This is the section that people fear the most. However, you need not feat because the top-notch experts of the California rehab have developed treatment that are quite comfortable. Sometimes medications will be used to settle down the symptoms. However, these substitutes will be used only for shorter periods. The ultimate goal is to make you free from the influence of drugs.

  • Therapy

Evidences prove that therapy conducted in group is still more effective than the other forms of therapy. Besides, counseling individually too counts. Sometimes, here individual therapy may work for some while group therapy may be effective for some other. Group therapy allows you to connect with others and form techniques to keep away from drugs and addictives.

  • Fitness

The rehab centers now feel the need for physical fitness. They feel that only catering to the addiction towards drugs should not be the motive. Special emphasis to the health of the body and mind is of utmost importance. Exercise is a crucial chapter in the recovery process. Exercise stimulates the endorphins, which makes the body feel good.

  • Nutritional counseling

A balanced diet can bring a lot of impact about your feeling in the recovery venture. Too much of processed carbohydrates make you giddy and lazy. Further, sugar induces mood swings. Nutritional food is the key ingredient of a quick recovery.

  • Alternative approaches

While your treatment is on the go, many rehabs provide substitutes in case of therapies. Acupuncture is noticed to be a highly effective treatment to manage pain. It has gained popularity over the years for bettering the lives of addicts suffering from excruciating pain. With modern science, more technical approaches are on the rise.

  • Aftercare planning

There are some questions raised in the mind of a patient – what to do after you leave the rehab? What is the method to avoid drugs? How to form a supporting group in the house? What to should be done when the intensity to take drugs is heightened? – All these questions are addressed to the doctor and needs to be answered. Curing a drug addict should also fall under the motive of the society. Society too must help them.