Skin Care

4 Liquid Highlighters for the Perfect Winter Glow

In winters switching to liquid and cream-based products is a must!

Our skin loses its moisture, resulting in dryness and a dull appearance. Switching from powder-based makeup products and opting for liquid or cream-based products not only helps to up your makeup game, but these products add moisture, blend better and last longer throughout the day. Your makeup looks livelier and the colors pop on your skin, while powder-based products give a monotonously dull effect.

Highlighters are no different!

Liquid highlighters are better for a cold-drying season, and we have handpicked one of the best Liquid Highlighters that will help you get the perfect winter glow in just a few seconds!

J.Cat Aura Glow Liquid Highlighter:

For a natural-subtle highlight, use the drop applicator and blend the products on the skin with a beauty blender. Its Argon Oil infused formula makes the blending easy and helps to add moisture to the skin leaving an instant glow. It’s available in different shades for all skin tones and skin-types, with an easy gliding consistency making it perfect for everyday use.

Use this product as a highlighter-primer before foundation application for an added glow to your skin, especially in the dreading winter season, when skin becomes pale, dry and loses its natural oils.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter:

A highly-pigmented formula, with a smooth consistency and a little bit of it, goes a long way. Apply this gorgeous highlighter to high points of your face and blend it with a sponge or synthetic brush to add dimension and glow. Its 7 different shades cater all skin tones and it is made from a gluten-free formula. All makeup products by the Makeup Revolution are 100% cruelty-free and vegan which makes their products worth buying!

For a dewy look, mix the highlighter in your foundation for a luminous finish. It can be mixed into other products like body lotions or creams for an overall glow. This highlighter by Makeup Revolution is carefully curated and serves more uses than your average highlighter.

NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator:

A moisturizing and luxuriously lightweight formula, perfect for winter and pops like a bonfire. For the perfect-natural and soft glow, with a thick texture that easily blends on the skin and doesn’t give a cakey effect. It’s long-lasting, available in 5 shades and ideal for all skin types. It’s a super travel-friendly product and can act as good primers as well.

NYX is a very versatile product. It can be mixed within a foundation to add a dewy effect to your face, used on the bare face with just a moisturizer to add an illuminous glow when deciding to go bare-skin. It’s a great substitute for the MAC Strobe Cream and other high-end makeup brands.

All these 3 highlighters are high-performative products, perfect for the winter season and will fall onto your expectations. Visit to add these magnificent highlighters to your makeup stash this winter season.